Why Start-up Businesses Shouldn’t Rely on Traditional PR

Why Start-up Businesses Shouldn’t Rely on Traditional PR

Why Start-up Businesses Shouldn’t Rely on Traditional PR

Despite being bang in the middle of a tech boom, by and large many top public relations agencies just haven’t adjusted to the rapid movement towards digital online marketing. For start-up businesses, who are trying to get themselves noticed amidst a market oversaturated with competition, getting the typical ‘launch’ press release into the local paper, is not only costly in terms of PR time, but has absolutely no impact.

Whilst Blink offers ‘PR’ services we don’t see ourselves or act as a traditional PR agency.  We challenge the traditional relationship that typical PR agencies have with their clients. And we don’t see social media as simply a channel for the company announcement or product launch.  In traditional PR we see this pattern time and time again – a feature is announced to journalists, it’s rarely covered, and then it is placed on twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn with absolutely no response.

Many start-up Directors assume that announcing their new service or product with a press release is key to their launch, but as we often explain, press releases per se rarely drive up actual user conversation or get read. This is even the case when the story is featured in a top post or magazine. The problem is exasperated by the hoard of releases sent out every day, choked with boring generic content loaded with SEO keywords; so much so that Google has changed its SEO policy! Yes, press releases have their place, but they are very different to developing interesting, readable and relevant stories.

So what should you be doing? You should be telling your story using video, blog posts and ongoing conversations through social media channels.  By this we don’t mean regurgitated stuff developed by a PR agency, with a ‘one-copy’ fits all strategy. We mean using content that is emotionally engaging; stories that people can understand. And this is a different kind of copy writing and tricky to do well.

Does your start-up business have a content strategy? Or is your communication strategy entirely focussed on the service or product that you offer? Are you just creating press releases with a view that if it is ‘out there’ it will deliver more calls, more buyers, more clicks, or more visitors?

Too much to do? Do you need external help? The good news is that there are content-driven, integrated agencies out there, including Blink.   If you are considering outsourcing your marketing and PR, make sure you find an agency that integrates content strategy into their services.

Blink is a full-mix, content driven agency.  Give us a call and find out what we can do for your business. Telephone: 01271 865473 or email sara.clark@blinkgroup.co.uk

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