Please avoid this mistake in your website copywriting!


Please avoid this mistake in your website copywriting!

Recently, I was scanning the web to find a local gift shop in North Devon. I wanted to know their location, opening times and also what they stocked, before I made a visit.  I found a shop that may have the sort of thing I was looking for, but when I got to their product information page, I saw these words:


“This page is under development.  Please look again soon for information.”


Not only was this extremely disappointing, but to be honest totally unnecessary.


The product page (or services page) is the most important web page for a business. After all it describes what you do or what you sell. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t have an empty shop window, with a sign saying ‘we haven ‘t got round to putting anything here, so come back tomorrow’.  So why, when using an ‘online’ opportunity to sell your wares, would you make this declaration?


One thing is for sure.  Customers won’t come back to find out if you have possibly, maybe, put some information onto your website. They will simply find another shop to browse and purchase from.  The end result – a lost sale for the business who hasn’t made website copywriting a priority!


These days you can’t afford for your website to be an afterthought. Yes, putting the right words together can be a challenge, but a few words on the page certainly better than nothing.  And if you really can’t do the writing, there are some really good copywriting agencies out there (cough) who can put together some copy for you for far less than you think!


Also, don’t just think about simple product descriptions. If you can, how about selling your products directly online (e-commerce).  Sites like Shopify have a selection of plug-ins that can enable this for you.  But even if you are not ready to go for this yet, at the very least ensure that customers can read all of the information they need. At the very basic level, make sure your location, opening hours, products and contact information is there.


Once you have your content ready…then it’s time for social media…but that’s for another day!



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