Generating Valuable Content for your Content Marketing Strategy


Generating Valuable Content for your Content Marketing Strategy

Today I was discussing with a colleague the value of generating good content, not only for use on their website, but to use to drive traffic to their website and for online editorial.  Whilst some switched-on businesses have ‘content marketing’ on their ‘to do’ list, many of them have not paid too much attention on the value of that content.  Some businesses think they’re doing content marketing by extracting their brochure and putting it online, and whilst some may have started a blog, many don’t use interesting articles, let alone keep the posts up to date.

So where do you start?  Well first you need to think about your audience and why they would look for you?  Say you sell knickers.  Not just ordinary knickers, but big comfy ones that are ideal for cyclists.  So, how about a title: “Say ‘Knickers’ to your cycling competition”.  Now, whilst the title needs to be relatively ‘SEO’ friendly, these days with the new Google rules, it’s more important to pay attention to the actual body of the article.

What follows needs to be clear, concise and make absolute sense.  Try to be as natural sounding as possible and always read back what you have written to make sure it flows.  You may want to employ the services of an experienced content marketing writer to help.

If you are going to try and place your blog on other people’s websites – i.e. become a guest blogger – please make sure that your content is unique and relevant to the site to which you are placing. Never use exactly the same article on two or more sites and limit the link contained in your article to just one.

A great way for Google to take notice of your content and know that it’s original is to Tweet it.  Just think of a short lead-in, post it on twitter with a link to your blog – preferably on your website.  That’s it – simple!

The bottom line is that people, or businesses, don’t want to be advertised to when making a purchasing decision; they want easy-to-read, valuable information.  They might see your content on your website, via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. They may see your article on a magazine website, local website, or topic-related website.  Great content ranks well with Google too, so that will help your website rise up so that people can find you quicker, and ahead of your competition.  Overall good, well written content can achieve far more than advertising – it can evoke like and trust.  So what’s stopping you?  Get writing!

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